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Luis Royo Imagenes Hd 1080p

Luis Royo Imagenes Hd 1080p

luis royo imagenes hd 1080p


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308784 2012-05-14. 268858 2011-10-13. Makes five illustrations for Norma Editorial, which marks the beginning of a long relationship. This is a package in which each image has been carefully studied, offering under his personal vision, all the symbolism and secrecy of every arcane, and demonstrates a titanic level of documentation. In his new vision of his work, fits the desire to return to painting on canvas, to move towards other roads that once again surprise the public. Already long since become a cult author, many heavy metal groups from different countries (Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.) adopted their images for their CD and album covers. 005878. 345904 2013-08-09. The most recent ones are the last three CDs of Avalanch. FANTASTIC ART is the compilation of the author's major works to date. In his last period, in combination with other works, Luis Royo has spent four years developing one of his most personal works, THE LABYRINTH: TAROT. 302653. 102659. The first vinyl figure based on the book cover was produced by Inteleg MALEFIC in 1999 and supervised by the artist himself. Luis Royo . Luis Royo . The same year, numerous articles of his work appear in prestigious publications such as La Stampa in Italy, Airbrush Action in USA and Germany, and Penthouse Comix. 305605 2012-04-25.


In 1999 there was the Heavy Metal calendar, his fifth collection of Trading Cards, under the name of III MILLENNIUM and III MILLENNIUN MEMORY portfolio. Then drag the image into the well. A year later, it appears his next book of illustrations: III MILLENNIUM. Luis Royo . With this book is already recognized as a great illustrator and his preference for drawing the female figure began to emerge clearly. 1920 x 1200 198.9 Kb. 1600 x 1200 531 Kb. Luis Royo . 117645. Precede the release of this book, Dead Moon's portfolio. Then appears the portfolio TATTOOS. 304809 2012-04-18. 265735 2011-09-25.

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